Taxi Master

Smart Taxi Management System for Taxi Service Companies
Taxi service is a main way of transportation in Sri Lanka now. Taxi service companies receive hundreds of orders for a day. But these companies face a lot of problems and have not been able to take the maximum profit from the resources they have due to the lack of a proper system. Almost all of the taxi service companies including leading companies in the Sri Lanka still use conventional methods to check and assign drivers to orders.

Taxi Master is a smart taxi management system which integrates the modern technology to taxi service industry with the objective of maximizing the profit of taxi companies, utilizing the limited number of taxies in an optimal manner and serving the customers with the best service making their lives easy. 

The taxi master has 3 components as a mobile application for customers, another mobile application for taxi drivers and a web application for taxi operators and administration purposes. 
Driver Application 
The driver application is installed in driver's mobile phone and performs all activities on the driver's end. Key features of the driver application are,

  1. Sends current status of the driver to the online server.  
  2. Sends real-time location updates to the online server.  
  3. Receives and accepts or reject new customer orders.  
  4. Receive payments
  5. Record all past and ongoing orders.
  6. Rate customers

Customer Application
Customers use customer application to view the available taxies and place a hire for a taxi. Key features of the customer application are,

  1. View availability of drivers
  2. Place a hire
  3. Fair estimate
  4. Save and reuse favourite routes
  5. Rate drivers
  6. Receive loyalty points

Web Application
The web application is used by taxi operators at the taxi service company, system administrators and owners of the company. 
Key features of the web application are,

  1. Monitor location and status of all drivers
  2. Add and remove new drivers and taxis to the system
  3. Assign drivers to the taxis
  4. Place orders manually which are received via phone calls

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
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  1. Managing Director
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  1. Managing Director
We have designed the system using the layered architecture with RESTful web services to cater the scalability and evolvability. Object oriented programming concepts and best practices have been used making the overall system easily scalable and expandable. All major functionalities have been implemented as separate modules such that they can be changed with a minimum impact to other modules. We can use the Taxi Master at several taxi service companies after a minimal configuration and a minimal deployment cost. The most important thing is the system can be trademarked with Taxi Company’s own name.

After the customer installs the app and completes the initial setup, they can request for a new hire in a minimum number of steps. The customer can save their favourite routes for quick access. In addition to that, customers don’t have to waste their valuable time at road since they can know where their taxi is with real time location tracking of drivers. 

Taxi Master was awarded a Merit award at the NBQSA 2016 tertiary category.

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