Reforest Sri Lanka

Mobile application to track reforeststion and deforestation activities
Forests are a valuable gift of mother nature. But today deforestation has been a great threat to the beauty and the survival of nature. Because of nature lovers, many reforestation events are happening all over the country. The problem is general public is not aware of any of these and there is no proper communication medium about the nature activities too. Reforest Sri Lanka is a non-profit society committed to protect and extend the forest cover in Sri Lanka. 

The Reforest Sri Lanka mobile application can be used to share and publish information and updates on reforestation and deforestation events happen within Sri Lanka. Other than that, there are some interesting features are available in that app. 
If you know something valuable and if you are ready to share it, you can write a post in the application and share it. This task is simple as you publish a post on Facebook.You can mark the areas which are reforested and deforested on the map. You can draw polygons, mark single points and mark circular areas on the map. If you have anything oppose to nature you can make a complaint using the app itself. There are many reforestation events happening in the country at the group level, organization levels and national level. You can easily create and an event in the app and invite all the nature lovers to join with you. Thus, this app creates a community of nature lovers around the island which is very good for the future of the country. 

Our application won the 1st place at IESL IDEA Challenge 2016 and then it was deployed as the official mobile application of the Reforest Sri Lanka

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