NBQSA 2017
The National Best Quality Software Award (NBQSA), provides recognition to outstanding achievements of individuals and organizations in Sri Lanka who have developed high-quality ICT products. The competition has been conducted in Sri Lanka by the Sri Lankan section of the BCS , the chartered institute for IT over the past 18 years.

Evaluations are done under two categories as tertiary and commercial. We applied under the tertiary category. First proposals from all over the island are evaluated and best proposal are shortlisted. Selected teams from the proposal evaluation have to go through two rounds of presentations, live demonstrations and Q&A sessions. Finally, 8 were selected for the winner's circle to be awarded at the grand award ceremony.

Our project Pocket Drive was good enough to win a Merit at the final awards ceremony. 
Our Product - Pocket Drive (PD)

Pocket Drive is an on-premises personal cloud storage system which can be used by individuals with multiple devices, families, teams and small to medium scale organizations. Non-Internet Synchronization (NIS), Peer to Peer Synchronization and Client - PD Synchronization are the highlighting features of the system.

This project is my final year group project. Anuradha Wickramarachchi , Ravidu Lashan  and Pamoda Wimalasiri are the other 3 members of the group. The commitment, dedication, skills,  experience and hardworking of all 4 members are behind the success of this project. And also, the tremendous support and guidance given by Prof. Gihan Dias who is our project supervisor was invaluable for this achievement.