Google IO 2016 - 1st Runners Up
Google IO is the annual conference held by the tech giant Google to reveal their latest innovations and findings with the general public. The innovations are mostly based on Android, Google Home, Google Apps, machine learning, virtual reality and other trending technologies. Parallel to the main conference held in California, more than 500 other countries organize extended events to experience the Google IO together. In Sri Lanka also Google Developer Group (SDG) and Dialog Ideamrt partnered to orgnize the local extended event. As a result the first ever biggest virtual hackathon of the country was held.

We team DVios were able to win the 1st Runners Up place among, more than 25 teams from all over the country. It was not an easy task since many brilliant minds of the country are competing each other for a 24 hours of time span. 
Virtual hackathon experience where teams compete from their own residencies was also new to us. All the source codes were regularly pushed to a central github repository and our coding activites were monitored by the evaluators in realtime. Final task was to make a video of the product and upload it to the youtube. So, the task was more complicated with video production things within a limited time frame. But DVios managed to do it to achieve the 1st runners up with continous 24 hours of working, good team work and passion. 

Our Product - LEI

LEI is a smart supermarket assitance with voice controls and natural language processing. Smart search of supermarket goods with voice, location guidance, alternative product suggestions and price comparison were the key features which made the LEI to win the 2nd place at the competition. 

We won the 2nd place in the overall competition and many people of the Dialog were impressed by our product. Couple of weeks later we got invitations from Dialog Ideamart to continue LEI as a commercial product with total financial support. 
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