CodeFest is a collection of competitions and events organized by Sri Lanka Institute of Information and Technology (SLIIT) annually. Hackathon, security challenge and school competitions are some of those competitions. We team DVios participated in the tertiary category Hackathon which was held on two stages.

Around 80 teams were selected for the first stage.  All the teams were given a set of project idea categories and we had to select one category and then develop our own idea. The final expectation of the first stage was to pitch our idea with the problem we are addressing, the solution we propose,  the implementation plan, use cases of the product and revenue model. About 10 teams were selected for the 2nd stage by evaluating the pitch.

In the second round, we had to the implementation of the idea we selected. We selected the solutions for differently abled people category and our solution was an e-tutoring site which can be fully controlled by facial movements. The targeted audience is people with hand disabilities and anyone who cannot control a computer as a normal user. We were able to win the 2nd runners up award from the overall Hackathon among more than 80 teams. 

Our Product - Learning For All

Learning for all is an online tutoring site which can be used by differently abled people. The site can be controlled with facial (head) movements. The system uses an open source library to identify facial feature points. We have implemented algorithms to identify facial gestures and emotions. The facial movements are translated to different web site actions such as select an item, mouse click, scrolling, etc. 

Gestures we used in our system:

In categories menu
  • Move the head to the left and right to change the selection.
  • Move the head up or down to enter to the current selection.

In tutorial and quiz interfaces
  • Move head right - Next button
  • Move head left - Previous button